Rules were made to be broken

Both Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton have criticised the new regulations that they feel led to the snoresville opening Grand Prix in the new Formula One season, saying that they found it impossible to take over anyone during the race, least of all Michael Schumacher, who won his first Grand Prix after coming out of retirement to race for Mercedes.

The reason that the race was even more deathly dull than usual was the new ban on mid-race refuelling, which apparently forced drivers to conserve their fuel and preserve their tyres. Button was right behind Schumacher all race, but couldn’t get around the 41-year-old German. Hamilton said that the new rules ‘definitely didn't make the racing more exciting in terms of overtaking.’

‘I caught up with Michael and then sat behind him for the rest of the race,’ Button said. ‘I couldn't get any closer. You lose downforce, you lose front and rear grip. You don't have traction, so you can't exit a corner quickly. Michael was very weak on braking. I'd be eight car lengths behind and catch up on him but there was no way I could go past. It's not like the old days. You could follow cars then, you could slide up the inside, you could race. It's very different now.’

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