Ruled in

Rumours were abound yesterday that Chelsea captain John Terry would be ruled out of the World Cup with the dreaded metatarsal injury that has crocked David Beckham and Wayne Rooney in the past (as well as provided tabloid sports hacks the sort of headlines and pre-tournament drama that they could never manufacture themselves), but we can confirm, straight from the horse’s mouth that England’s Lionheart, or whatever he’s being called these days, is certain to be fit for Chelsea’s FA Cup final on Saturday, and most likely the World Cup. Unlucky, haterz.

‘I was just running back to goal and Daniel Sturridge fell on top of me,’ said the former England captain. ‘My foot was caught underneath. I thought it was quite bad initially. But once I had the scan, it was just bruising and today there was no problem at all.

‘I was delighted when I got the scan results and there was no ligament damage or anything like that. It was just a bit of bruising inside the foot so no problem at all. I felt good today, I felt nothing at all, passing the ball or striking the ball. I came straight here to see the doctor and he sent me for a scan straight away. He couldn't tell what it was, it was always going to be a quick scan, nothing serious.

‘It was sorted out in a couple of hours but I was a bit scared, I must say. Once I had the scan I didn't wear the boot, it's just protection really. The doctor advised me to keep it on. But once I got the scan results I was back in my normal trainer.’

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