Rugby's new world order

Who said sport had become too predictable? As the Premiership settles down into the usual three- or four-horse race, Rangers and Celtic (and Hibs) have their usual ding-dong at the top of the SPL, and Woods and Federer continue on their respective missions of world domination, the Rugby World Cup has blown the traditional hierarchy of Union superpowers away. Wales got whacked by Fiji, Scotland went down to Argentina, and Tonga gave everyone a scare. Even more amazing, Argentina are in the semis, while both Australia and New Zealand are on their way home. True Australia lost to the World Cup holders England, but our form has been abysmal ever since that high point and we'd been marked down by just about every pundit as "team least likely to defend its title ever". Now all we have to do is beat France and we're in the final. Tall order? That's what they said about Trafalgar/Poitiers/Crecy/Waterloo/Agincourt.

Let's just hope it doesn't turn into another Orleans... 

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