Save with a Rugby World Subscription

If you're a rugby fanatic -- or know someone who is -- a Rugby World subscription is the ideal gift. The magazine provides in-depth features on rugby players, clubs and news items, as well as a comprehensive listing of fixtures and results. The magazine is the premier source of rugby information across the globe and even includes tips to help you sharpen your amateur game in the fitness section.

How to Subscribe

Visit the Rugby World website to subscribe online and save up to 30 percent on the retail cover price. A six-month subscription by direct debit will save 30 percent, or you can pay by credit card for a one- or two-year subscription with a savings of 15 percent on the retail value of the magazine.

Why Subscribe?

The magazine is written by a wealth of knowledgeable experts -- some of the most famous names in the game contribute to Rugby World on a regular basis. Don't miss articles from rugby legends like Gavin Hastings and Martin Johnson as well as Lawrence Dallaglio, Matt Dawson and Martyn Williams.

By subscribing, you will receive the magazine delivered directly to your home for free each month. In addition, every subscriber receives a free rugby World Cup DVD.

Tesco Clubcard Rewards Program

For every £16 you earn in clubcard rewards vouchers, you can get a token for an annual Rugby World subscription. Buy a subscription for yourself or have the magazine sent directly to your friends and family as a gift. Purchase as many as you want -- subscription vouchers are not limited and Rugby World will send you a gift card to give to the lucky recipient. Visit the Tesco website to purchase your rewards vouchers, then wait for your token and subscription form to arrive in the post. Complete the form and you can expect the first issue to arrive in approximately six to eight weeks, or after your current subscription expires if you're an existing subscriber.


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