The IRB rugby world rankings

The IRB rugby world rankings gives us an indication of which countries are currently in great form and decides who the best teams in the world are. Of course this counts for very little going into the world cup where rankings are thrown out the window, but it can raise expectation levels of the country that currently sit at number one going into the biggest Rugby competition in the world. No Pressure!

As the rankings stand, world cup hosts New Zealand are unsurprisingly leading the way with Australia in second place. Both countries from the Oceania are expected to perform well in the world cup with many pundits touting them both to contest the final. It would be ill advised however to rule out the holders and third placed South Africa who will undoubtedly offer stiff competition for anyone this year. The biggest movers in the rankings are Tonga who have jumped up to 12th after a number of great performances none more so than their comfortable victory over Fiji prior to the World cup.

Below are the top 10 in the latest official IRB Rugby world rankings:

  1. New Zealand  91.64
  2. Australia        87.75
  3. South Africa   85.70
  4. France          83.79
  5. England         81.82
  6. Wales           80.79
  7. Ireland          79.57
  8. Scotland       78.83
  9. Argentina      78.40
  10. Samoa          74.45

There we have it, officially the top 10 rugby nations in the world. A list compiled after a series of results from each nation has led to an accurate result that New Zealand will go into their own world cup as the number one in the world with runners up of the previous world cup England in 5th place. Whether these rankings tell us much about who will perform in the upcoming world cup is debatable and will of course be revealed come the 9th September when New Zealand commence their campaign against Tonga. Be sure to tune in to what will undoubtedly be a fascinating spectacle.

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