Follow all the action in Rugby World magazine

With the World Cup getting underway in new Zealand, there will be an increased demand for news, reports and analysis of the sport. Rugby World magazine has it covered, from a variety of angles.

Rugby World is the world's best-selling rugby magazine, with comprehensive coverage also available online at www.rugbyworld.com.

For instant updates on the World Cup squads, with the latest on injuries, suspensions, rows and recriminations, Rugby World offers a 24 hour news coverage section online, so the latest developments are available immediately.

As a specialist publication, Rugby World tends to be respected rather more by players and management than the daily newspapers. This means it is often the place to go for in-depth interviews that reveal more than the standard bland press conferences.

If you missed any of the crucial action head for the video pages, where you can catch up with highlights of the big matches that everybody is talking about. Alongside the action are plenty of fun videos and spoofs.

Blogs and columnists address the issues engaging rugby fans, with lively debates and opinion pieces addressing contentious issues. Recent pieces have included a provocative debate about the differences between the on-field behaviour of footballers and rugby players.

The Rugby World shop offers readers the chance to buy rugby and sports equipment, replica shirts and  merchandise online, covering everything from protective headgear to boot bags.

Subscriptions to Rugby World magazine come with a 30% discount on the cover price, free home delivery and a free World Cup DVD. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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