Rugby World Cup news!

Fans of missing really key moments in live sporting events were dancing with giddy joy this morning after it was announced that ITV have secured exclusive rights to the forthcoming Rugby World Cup.

The news comes after two serious technical mishaps at the network; one in 2009 during an FA Cup fixture between Everton and Liverpool where viewers got an eyeful of a Tic-Tac advert instead of a vital goal, and the other for ITVHD subscribers who missed Steven Gerrard’s opening goal in the World Cup when some numpty also cut to a break.

In fairness, only free-to-air channels were allowed to bid for the World Cup rights, and with the BBC in a tight-spot over monopolising sporting events ITV were always favourites to pick up the package. The deal also means the 2011 tournament in New Zealand and 2015 tournament in England will be on both ITV as well as ITV online. Let's just hope we don’t miss that vital last minute Johnny Wilkinson drop goal eh?

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