Scotland's Pool B Rugby World Cup games

Scotland will have a tough task to make it to the quarter-final stage, and can't afford any slip-ups. We took a close look at their schedule of Pool B Rugby World Cup games to see where the wins might come.

The opening match against Romania should be the easiest for Scotland, with the Romanians looking unimpressive in their warm-ups and unlikely to have much capacity for springing a surprise. Scotland will want an impressive and injury-free start to the tournament.

The match against Georgia might be a somewhat tougher proposition. The Georgians have beaten Russia, Spain, Portugal Ukraine and Romania in recent matches. They go into the World Cup with morale high, and gave Ireland a scare in the last tournament, losing 14-10 in a tight match. Scotland will need to be careful with this one.

Argentina shocked everybody by reaching the World Cup semi-final last time, beating Scotland in the quarter-final, and will be a formidable opponent. They have declined a little but are still one place above the Scots in the world rankings. They will be joining the Tri Nations tournament next year so want to underline their credibility as a rugby nation.This could be Scotland's make or break pool game.

Scotland's final showdown in Pool B is against the oldest rivals of all, England. Scotland won't want to go into this match needing a win to ensure they still have some Rugby World Cup games left in the knockout stages.  Especially if England are in the same situation. Regardless of their relative strengths, a clash between these 2 invariably means a close match.

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