Rugby World Cup 2011 game

Rugby world cup 2011 is a game available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for around £34.99 and is certainly a great game to play to get you in the mood for the upcoming world cup in New Zealand. With improved realism, the games superb graphics and realistic game play make it far exceed the quality of previous rugby games that have gone before and for the innocuous price of £34.99, it's certainly worth purchasing.

Immerse yourself in the action where you can select your preferred nation and attempt to lead them to victory in New Zealand, if you're not already in the mood for the Rugby World Cup, then this game certainly will do so. With the majority of teams and stadiums having licenses, it promises to be the best rugby game to date and has already gained some excellent reviews from those lucky enough to already own the game. Others have been slightly disappointed with the lack of variety the game offers but the general consensus is that the game is worth giving a go and is certainly great fun to play either by yourself or with some mates.

The problem with rugby games in the past has undoubtedly been fluidity with too many pauses in the game for scrums and rucks etc. Many have already been relieved to report that this game eradicates these problems and has brought about a fluid game that is quick and easy to enjoy.

Why not pop down to your local game store and purchase the latest rugby game or alternatively purchase the game online on stores such as game.com or play.com to name just a few.

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