The most famous players to have ever graced Rugby Union international fixtures

Jonah Lomu (New Zealand)

The New Zealand powerhouse and ustoppable force of nature that is Jonah Lomu quite literally thundered his way to the attention of the world when he made his debut at the 1995 World Cup. Lomu scored seven tries in 1995 and bagged a record 15 tournament tries in 1999. Severe illness hampered Lomu's playing career, but despite never winning the World Cup, Lomu's performances in rugby union international fixtures have turned more people on to the sport than any player before or since.

Jonny Wilkinson (England)

Tenacious, professional, and focused are all words that apply in equal measure to the man whose drop goal in extra time against Australia in the 2003 final secured the cup for England. It was also the Northern hemisphere's solitary trophy triumph to date and Wilkinson will be hoping for more of the same in 2011. With a enviable record of scoring more points in World Cup history - 259 from 15 games - than any other player, you would certainly want this lad on your side heading into any do or die rugby union international fixtures.

David Campese (Australia)

Known as the "great entertainer" by some and "motor-mouth" by others, the wallaby wonder earned his stripes in the 1991 World Cup. His legendary individual display against New Zealand in the semi-final saw him score one try and create another as the world sighed in disbelief.

Francois Pienaar (South Africa)

When the South African captain received the Web Ellis trophy from the South African president Nelson Mandela, it was a moment which went fay beyond a rugby union international fixture. Pienaar will be remembered for all time as leading a team which transcended mere sport and united a country.

Serge Blanco (France)

The greatest full-back the world has ever known was rumoured to smoke heavily before most rugby union international fixtures. Not that this hampered Blanco's inspiring performances in any shape or form. In the 1987 semi-final against Australia he scored one of the finest tries is World Cup history.

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