Where to buy rugby tickets for the Millenium Stadium

Booking rugby tickets at the Millenium stadium is a breeze if you go online. You're not only able to book rugby tickets online, but tickets for any event that takes place at this stadium. Let's see where to go to book online?

http://www.millenniumstadium.com/home.php takes you to the stadium home page, and from there you could either click the 'book tickets' link, or you could copy this link directly into your browser: http://www.millenniumstadium.com/tickets/

The ticket section lists all the events that will take place at the Millennium Stadium, and listings go as far in advance as 25 Aug 2012. The event listed for that date is the Speedway Grand Prix, but there are a few rugby events before then as well. The interesting thing is that you're not able to book tickets online for all events. The Michael Forever concert has tickets available that are sold by Global Live. The rugby matches either have just dates, or have a 'to be announced' message. Tickets for these events may be available closer to the date from the promoters.

If you're in doubt there's a handy telephone number you could call, or an email address you could use to book tickets, or to enquire about how to go about it. ticketingenquiries@wru.co.uk is the email listed for ticket enquiries, and this is the telephone number: 08442 777 888. You could also sign up to receive the newsletter to get the latest updates or information about upcoming events.

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