Shop online for Rugby World Cup team shirts

Whether you are cheering on England or Scotland, Tonga or Argentina, you'll feel closer to the action if you're wearing one of your chosen nation's rugby team shirts. We picked out the best places to find them online.

Lovell Rugby (www.lovell-rugby.co.uk) stocks replica World Cup shirts for all the home nations, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Italy, Argentina, Tonga, Fiji and others. Depending on your chosen nation and size, prices for a shirt range from £54.99 to £79.99.

Head for Roksport(www.roksport.com) for official Under Armour and Canterbury World Cup merchandise. Of particular interest are the replica World Cup shirts for the Wales team and the defending champions, the Springboks of South Africa, with prices starting at £54.99.

Canterbury (www.canterbury.com) have an illustrious pedigree in manufacturing rugby shirts, and their South Africa replicas are 100% polyester with a Springbok embroidered on one sleeve and the Webb Ellis trophy on the other, just to underline who are the reigning champions.

Maybe you don't have an affiliation, and just want to choose a shirt that will look classy? Head for the site at www.rugbyworldcupjerseys.co.uk to see examples of all the competing nations, with details on where to buy them.

Our particular favourites are the Argentina blue and white hoops (although horizontal stripes are not a great look for the fuller figure) and Canada's rather slick red and white rugby team shirts, reminiscent of the classic football shirts of Ajax Amsterdam.

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