The most popular international rugby team kits

New Zealand

The hosts of the 2011 rugby world cup go by the nickname of the 'all blacks,' which reflects the colour one of the most striking and popular rugby team kits in the world. New Zealand's kit is entirely black with the exception of the traditional silver fern and adidas logo adorning the front of their jersey. The colour black often has negative associations, but it has proved very positive for this hugely successful team. New Zealand's winning ways have made their kit a sure hit with beer bellied rugby fans all over the world looking for a slice of reflected glory to impress the ladies with.


The red rose of England is the only splash of colour on their all white kits. The choice of colour was take from the kits worn at rugby school, and a white strip often inspires fans to view the English rugby teams as knights protecting the virtues of innocence and purity on the rugby field. A flower may be an odd symbol for rugby brutes to wear on their jerseys but the English boys get very stroppy if anyone insults their country's sacred red rose.


The three feathers of the Prince of Wales are worn with pride on the redder than red jersey of Wales. In the 19th century the feathers were chosen in place of the leek to demonstrate Wales's loyalty to England. Ironically, the original motto beneath the feathers was "Ich Dien" which is German for "I Serve." In truth the only masters the Welsh kneel to are passion and pride, which are both represented by the famous red jersey.

South Africa

The Springboks lifted the trophy in 2007 in an eye-catching green, gold, and white outfit, which in one of those international rugby team kits you either love or loathe. As is fitting a team which represents "the rainbow nation," South Africa's kit dazzles and daunts in equal measure.


The French are famous for their blue kits adorned with a solitary rooster. What it means is as elusive as the brand of rugby the "les bleus" are renowned for. One thing for certain, the kit has become a fashion statement in its own right for young men out on the town with a taste for white wine.

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