Rugby Supplies: the Rugby Factory Shop has what you need

There are a number of sites online that cater for rugby fans, players and coaches alike, but very few of these have the amazing variety and mind blowing selection offered by one UK online supplier. If you want to buy all your rugby supplies in one place then this is where you should go.

rugbyfactoryshop.co.uk is the proverbial candy shop, and if you stumble across this site you may feel like a kid before Christmas! The variety of items stocked here is absolutely incredible, whether you're looking for base layers, or just rugby shirts it's in stock here. If you need something like cones, coach whistles, or first aid products, you're still covered.

Some of the newest products on the site include the precision training bottle carrier, and this includes twelve water bottles. This item sells for an unbelievably low price of only £29.99. The Leicester Tiger's adult short sleeve shirt is another new product it sells for £34.99. There's also a full range of KooGa 2011 EVX V Body Armour products available, and prices start at only £29.99!

The site lists an email address for contact if you get stuck, or need advice on a purchase: shop@rugbyfactoryshop.co.uk. The site is so comprehensive that you may want to use the search box at the top of the page to find what you're looking for. With these low prices you may be tempted to buy everything you need at this site, and with this kind of variety you'll probably be able to find every item you need. Have a look and see for yourself how geared this site is towards affordable rugby supplies.

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