The World's Greatest Rugby Players

Jonah Lomu was once pegged one of the world's most intimidating rugby players. The South African All Blacks player was one of the biggest players in rugby and also one of the fastest, he completed a 100-metre sprint in around 10-seconds. Born in Auckland, like many famous rugby players, Lomu began playing rugby while he was at school. At the tender age of 19, he became the All Blacks youngest ever player and went on to become on of the biggest names in rugby.

Jonny Wilkinson is an English rugby union player who was deemed the best rugby player in the world in 2003. He will be forever remembered for scoring the crucial drop goal for England in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. The goal was scored in the last seconds of extra time and saw England beat Australia to take the cup. In 2009, Wilkinson received an honoury doctorate from Surrey University as recognition for his dedication to the world of rugby.

Former Lions captain Gareth Thomas had a glittering rugby career, playing for his home country of Wales and being given the honour of Captain. Thomas' career saw many awards and trophies, as well as the coveted best Welsh player award. He has been back in the news in recent times following his apparent suicide attempt, which he later put down to the confused feelings he was having regarding his sexuality.

Brain O'Driscoll has not just been pegged as one of the world's greatest rugby players, he has received the title of best rugby player ever. Captain of Ireland O'Driscoll shrugged off a serious injury to his shoulder to lead his team to Grand Slam victory for the first time in 61 years.

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