Benefits of rugby mouthguards

Whether you are completely green to the sport or have been involved in playing rugby for many years, a rugby mouthguard is an essential piece of kit. These come in all different colours and are available online and in sports shops.

Benefits of Rugby Mouthguards

There are many health benefits associated with wearing a rugby mouthguard. Key benefits include as follows: protect against oral trauma, absorbs impact, offers blunt-blow protection and is the best way to maintain a full set of teeth during practice and play. Rugby mouthguards, also known as mouthshields do not interfere with either speech or breathing and are very affordable.

Where to Purchase a Rugby Mouthguard

There is no need to visit your dentist for a rugby mouthguard, as this piece of safety kit is widely available from both online rugby and sports suppliers, as well as from High Street sports shops. Many different brands, styles, colours and sizes are on offer, suitable for all ages. Some helpful examples of where to purchase a rugby mouthguard on the internet, include the following: World Rugby Shop.com, Guard Kit UK (for custom made mouthguards), Rugby Store UK and Sports Authority.com.

Save Money on Rugby Mouthguards

As the cost of getting kitted out for playing rugby can be expensive, it is worth knowing where to purchase more affordable mouthguards. Here are some practical suggestions on where to get cheaper rugby mouthguards: Amazon, eBay, Barrington Sports.com (save up to 30% on gum shields), Kick Back Sports UK (huge savings on wide range of mouthguards), Newitts.com (great range of cheap mouthguards and free delivery) and Prosport UK (gel rubber maximum protection mouthguards on offer).

Another very useful supplier of good quality rugby mouthguards is First Aid 4 Sports UK. The company stock a superb selection of mouthguards, as well as noseguards. They also provide Opro Refresh mouthguard cleaning tablets, these handy tablets remove gumshield stains, kill bacteria and leave a minty fresh taste.

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