Rugby League Manager 2010

While there are many different series of popular football management sims, there are no high profile games associated with rugby management. Rugby League Manager 2010 attempts to correct this imbalance - and most importantly, it is free!

The game features similar designs to the latest versions of the internationally favoured football game Football Manager, and crucially managed to achieve the same levels of complexity in the depth of its coverage of the sport.

It features 34 domestic and international competitions, all of which can be entered, and more than 120 teams in total, all of which can be managed by the player.

As a manager, you can oversee player training and injury treatment, discuss new contracts with players and staff, arrange improvements to the stadium and club facilities, and much, much more. You can also give pre-match speeches and call out mid-match tactic changes from the sidelines.

You are rewarded in the game not only with the chance to win trophies and competitions but also with statistically determined awards and prizes for the best performing managers, teams and players.

Furthermore, because Rugby League Manager 2010 is basically a database game, it is not too demanding on the attributes of your computer or laptop. It runs on all the latest Windows operating systems (XP, Vista and 7) and requires nothing more than a 1 GHz processor, 768 MB of RAM and 1.42 GB of free space on your hard drive.

The full game can be downloaded for free from rugbyleaguemanager.co.uk/Games.php, and the download size is just under 400 MB. There is an updated version of the game every year, so keep visiting the site and looking out for Rugby League Manager 2011 and beyond.

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