Where to find an online rugby league memorabilia store

These days collectors of sporting memorabilia do not very often have to ferret around in second hand shops or musty corners of specialist stores, although they often still do. The internet has made the process of seeking out those special souvenirs supposedly a much easier process.

However, there are a confusing range of differing outlets, some offering memorabilia from many sports, some from certain sports only, with soccer dominating the market. So where should one look for an online rugby league memorabilia store?

Rugbyrelics.com is a website which has an interesting and varied range of memorabilia from both codes of rugby. Its rugby league stock is varied, with cigarette cards and programmes for sale, as well as rarer items such as early Northern Rugby Football Union Guides from the early part of the 20th Century.

The site also stocks programmes, books and magazines, while there are also commemorative and club ties, as well as badges and autographs.

Spiritofsport.co.uk was founded in 2000 by a group of disenchanted memorabilia collectors, and carries a small range of appealing and usually pretty unique rugby league items. Signed shirts, boots and other items of kit, as well as autographed books are available, but expect to pay a fair price.

Those looking for memorabilia from the Australian game will find a useful site at Rugbyleaguememorabilia.com. This outfit specialise in NRL items, and there is often a good selection of State of Origin gear on sale as well. The site also carries signed shirts and shorts from the Australian national team, the Kangaroos.

Rugby league memorabilia also often turns up on eBay and other auction sites. Whilst a good deal can often be had by the discerning customer, the authenticity of the items is, of course, a matter of trust between buyer and seller.

Another useful place to look for information regarding collecting programmes and memorabilia in the forums of rugby league websites, a good example being Totalrl.com/forums.

Football programme collecting websites also often have a thread or two about rugby league programmes.

The Footballprogrammecentre.co.uk is a good place to begin, and many useful contacts can be made and useful, specialised information picked up by interacting with other users.


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