Where to find rugby league news on the web

With a paucity of rugby league on terrestrial television and in the printed media, more and more fans are relying on the web for news. A handy guide to some of the top sites for rugby league news follows.

One of the more comprehensive web news service can be found at the Rugby Football (RFL)'s official website, Therfl.co.uk/news. As well as keeping readers up to date with most of the happenings at Super League level, the game at lower levels is also well covered.

The RFL also does a good job of keeping supporters abreast of developments in the less mainstream sectors of the sport, and readers can find out the latest about the women's and disabled games, as well as news from the amateur sphere in the sport's traditional heartlands.

Another useful site to bookmark is the official Super League website, Superleague.co.uk, where users can keep updated with all the goings on in the game's top flight, presented in a professional way.

Unfortunately, coverage in the mainstream, largely London-based, media has declined significantly over recent seasons. Journalists Andy Wilson and Dave Hadfield still do excellent work for The Guardian and The Independent respectively, and some tabloids, such as The People, still carry stories though.

The BBC and Sky Sports operate reasonable news services on their websites at News.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/rugby_league and Skysports.com/rugbyleague, though there is often little beyond the most mainstream news items.

Some new independent websites have sprung up in recent years to fill the vacuum created by the media's withdrawal from rugby league. Code13rugbyleague.com has been running since late 2010, and at times can offer some good interviews and features, as well as a frequently updated news service.

Loverugbyleague.com has been running for longer than Code13, and has a more comprehensive feel about it, with a more professional looking website and a more comprehensive reach due to its longer establishment.

For fans of Australia's National Rugby League (NRL) then the Australian newspapers in Sydney and Brisbane offer what is probably the most comprehensive service in the world. Rugby league is eastern Australia's main sport, and the events at all the clubs are covered by the likes of the Sydney Daily Telegraph and the Brisbane Courier-Mail in minute detail.Online editions of both newspapers are available, and it is also worth looking at smaller, more local newspapers for coverage of specific teams, most of which can be turned up with a targeted and focused internet search.

The NRL's official website is also worth a look at Nrl.com. The website features a whole range of Australian rugby league news, delivered with the professionalism and enthusiasm of a country mad about the game.

One of the sport's most reliable and frequently updated news feeds is Sportinglife.com/rugbyleague/news, which keeps users effectively updated with concise reports giving most of the major details and quotes of the rugby league stories doing the rounds on any given day.


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