What kind of rugby league jobs are there?

For those us not blessed with the playing ability of our heroes on the pitch, the prospect of being professionally involved in rugby league in a different capacity is of great appeal. But what kinds of rugby league jobs are there?

Coaching is perhaps the most obvious non-playing job in the game, and a top coach does not have to have played at the top level to excel.

Nevertheless, if coaching is an ambition it does help to have played rugby league in some capacity. The game's governing body, the Rugby Football League (RFL) offer coaching courses to hone skills though, and there is a recognised structure of certification and qualification similar to that which operates in professional soccer.

Details about the kind of training on offer in an RFL coaching course is available at Therfl.co.uk/coach, from where a number of useful guidance documents regarding the coaching of the sport can also be downloaded.

Fitness professionals can also find work in rugby league as fitness coaches or similar support roles, such as masseur. These kind of jobs often require specialist qualifications, and are advertised through local media, in the specialist rugby league press and on official club websites.

However, attaining a qualification does not guarantee being able to find paid work, and aspiring coaches may have to be satisfied with a role in the amateur or junior game for a long period.

One of the more interesting sectors linked to the game is of course the media, and reporting on the game is almost as good as playing for some people.

Although it can be difficult to find a job as a reporter for an outlet covering the sport, it is worth persevering with. While it is possible, with drive and persistence, to find work as a sports writer, it is also useful to attain qualifications.

Huddersfield University offers a particularly highly-rated course in Sports Journalism, and is, of course, based in the town where the sport of rugby league was born.

Full details of the BA (hons) offered in Sports Journalism can be found at Hud.ac.uk.

There are also media related jobs available at the headquarters of the game's governing body, the Rugby Football League (RFL), at Red Hall in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Vacancies for these, along with the administration and secretarial roles which are necessary for any office to run smoothly, are advertised on the RFL's official website: Therfl.co.uk/careers_at_the_rfl.

A range of other jobs crop up at the RFL from time to time as well, varying from roles overseeing the development of young players, to executive roles with the business side of the operation.

Vacancies such as these are advertised on the RFL's official website, as well as in weekly newspapers League Weekly and League Express, which remain the best source of jobs news within the game.


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