Rugby League games in the UK

There are a large number of rugby league games played each year in the UK. The game in strongest in its heartland of Northern England. The top league in England is the Super League and the best teams in England are currently The Warrington Wolves, The Wigan Warriors, St.Helens and The Huddersfield Giants.

The rules of Rugby League were created in 19th Century England as a result of a split from the Rugby Football Union. The aim of the game is to ground the ball over the opponents try line and it is worth 4 points. 2 points are then awarded if a player can kick the ball between the posts for a conversion, which is worth 2 points.

It is also possible to score a drop goal, which is kicking the ball between the posts after it has touched the ground and it is worth 3 points. The game lasts for 30 minutes and each team has 6 tackles in order to score a try, before possession is handed over. Possession can also be lost if a player goes over the sideline with the ball, or if a player fumbles the ball and it goes forward.

If you would like to know more about rugby league, then visit therfl.co.uk. The site will provide you with information on all of the fixtures for The Super League season and the table rankings. There is also information on how to become more involved in rugby league, with advice on how to become a referee, coach or volunteer.

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