Rugby League in the UK

Rugby League is a full contact sport played between two teams of thirteen players. The main way of getting points is by scoring a try, which is achieved by grounding the ball over the opponents try line for 5 points. The team then has the chance to score another 2 points by way of conversion, which is kicking the ball between the posts.

One of the main differences between rugby league and rugby union is tackling. An attacking team gets a maximum of six tackles to progress up the field before possession is changed over. If a player fumbles the ball and it goes forward, possession is also handed over.

It is a much faster game than the game of rugby union and it has been made that way in order to appeal to spectators. If you would like to know more about rugby league then visit therfl.com. On this site you can find out the rules of the game, fixtures for English rugby league teams, league tables and much more. It is also possible to learn how to become a coach, referee or simply to become a volunteer to help develop the game further.

The game of rugby league has progressed immensely in such a short space of time. The main teams in England at present are The Warrington Wolves, The Wigan Warriors and St.Helens. If you think you could enjoy yourself at a rugby league game as a spectator, look up the nearest team to you today.

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