Strange rugby information and facts


According to popular belief, rugby information handed down over the generations tells us that the not so beautiful game began at England’s Rugby school in 1823, when during a football match a pupil named William Webb Ellis compulsively picked up a ball and started running with it for a bit of a laugh.

The Egg-Shaped Ball

Referred to in a somewhat derogatory sense as “egg chasers” by football fans, rugby players are mad about their peculiar shaped balls. Rugby balls were originally fashioned from pigs’ bladders, which when inflated became oval shaped.

The First International

The world’s first international, so rugby information reveals, was played in 1871 between Scotland and their ‘old enemy’ England. Surprisingly enough Scotland won.

The Olympic rugby Champions

Somewhat unbelievably, the United States are recognised as the reigning Olympic champions when it comes to rugby. When the game was last played at the Olympics in 1924, the US rugby team won Gold, and sadly, the egg-shaped ball has never graced the Olympics since.

Try Time

Players who used to cross the line and score a try never used to pick up any points. The whole point of scoring a ‘try’ was merely so that one of the other players would be given a chance to ‘try’ and kick at goal.

Who is the Oldest?

Rugby is older than football by three years apparently. The oldest rugby football club in the world is Dublin University founded in 1854, which just pipped Sheffield FC to the post.

The Haka

One of the highlights on any rugby world cup is watching grown men pretend they’re monsters whilst doing a carefully synchronised dance. New Zealand’s war dance, the famous Haka, which they routinely preform before any match to intimidate their opponents, is a sight to behold. Of course if you’re not on the pitch trying to face down the All Blacks it can all seem a bit of a giggle, but the Haka is no joking matter to New Zealand natives. They’ve been doing it since 1884, and you always know you’re in for a good game if they do the most recent Haka called Kapa o Pango, which involves a brutal throat-slitting motion at its climax.

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