Head to Rugby Heaven for NZ All Black shirts

Home advantage, a decent team, no substantial challengers: surely 2011 must be New Zealand's time to be crowned World Cup winners? If you want to cheer them on, or just think those black shirts look cool, head to the Rugby Heaven stores for NZ World Cup kit.

Rugby Heaven (www.rugby-heaven.co.uk) has 3 stores in Wales, in Ebbw Vale, Cwmbran and Cardiff. If you are in the area pop in and try out the range of shirts and World Cup merchandise that are filling the stores for the rest of the year. Online sales are also welcomed.

All Blacks fans can snap up an official Adidas World Cup 2011 shirt. It's made from a new super-light material with fine mesh panels across the back for breathability. The shock element is that it is not quite all black, as the designers have opted for a white collar. The significance of this may only emerge during the tournament. Rugby Heaven sells them at £64.99 for an adult's version.

The New Zealand Maori T-shirt is a garment that veers close to the description stylish, which is not something you normally say about rugby shirts. This black T-shirt with a Maori motif is something of a fashion item, and retails at £17.99.

Less chic, but certainly striking is the Cotton Traders New Zealand World Rugby shirt. Incorporating the flags of all the competing nations, it looks a bit like a patchwork quilt, but at least will get you noticed. Snap one up, or better still buy it for someone else as a present, for £29.99.

If you are still in the shopping mood, Rugby Heaven has plenty more NZ merchandise, including fleeces, World Cup rugby balls, even an all-white All Black shirt, if you can get your head round that idea.




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