Find a cheap rugby headguard online

All of the rugby headguards in our selection below are designed with safety, comfort, breathability and durability in mind. Choosing between them is likely to be a question of personal preference, rather than being inspired by any particular benefit or advantage of one product over another, since they are all built to an equally high standard and quality:

Kooga Shadow 2 Rugby Headguard - £29.99

Saving £5 from the recommended retail price, this extremely lightweight (weighing just over 76 grams) rugby headguard is available from Pro Sport UK at prosportuk.com for the great bargain price of just £29.99. It is ergonomically optimised to simultaneously fit your cranial shape and allow breathability and air circulation. The headguard also features a lyrca drawstring at the back for further adjustment. It is designed with a Shadow Web technology outer shell, which ensures a high level of flexibility with no sacrifice in terms of durability.

Canterbury Uglies Honeycomb Club Rugby Head Guard Multi - from £24

Available at a range of prices between £24 and £32 depending on the size which you chose and your preferred colour pattern, the Canterbury Uglies Honeycomb Club Rugby Headguard can be bought from Amazon.co.uk in all sizes from Medium Boys to Adult XL, and in shades of black, blue or Uglies Multi. The headguard's diamond shape provides ideal padding for the head, while the lining is treated with antimicrobial treatment and polycotton liner with moisture management. It's also very light to wear, and is built with closed cell foam to maximise flexibility.

Gilbert Atomic Rugby Headguard - £25

Available from the John Lewis online store at johnlewis.com, this Gilbert Atomic Rugby Headguard features a lace closure system and pre-moulded foam to allow for a personalised fit. It also has moulded ear protection, with inbuilt sound vents over the ears so hearing is not restricted. It's made from thermo fused fabric and features air vents all over the headguard so minimal overheating can occur.

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