What You Need in a Good Rugby Fitness Program

You need to be fit to be able to play a team sport; if you’re not fit then you’re letting the rest of your team down. Your fitness standards will affect the position that you play in many sports, along with your size and stamina. Following a good rugby fitness program will help you get fit enough for any position.

Build Up Muscle for the Sport

Rugby is a very demanding sport and you need to by physically strong to be able to endure a full 80-minute game, especially if you are playing in the front row. Your whole body needs to be strong, you’ll need to follow weight training programs for your legs, arms and back especially.

You’ll need to push your body to get as strong as possible. There are a number of different types of weight lifting exercises that you can follow, including lifting dumbbells or leg presses. You don’t need to fork out money for an expensive gym membership, but one will help. You can create your own home gym. As of July 2011, you can buy a set of dumbbells from Argos for as little as £3.99 or you can buy kettle bells from £4.99 in the summer sale.

Work on Your Cardiovascular Fitness

A Rugby fitness program is nothing if you don’t have the cardio-stamina to complete a full game of rugby. Like with weight training, you will need to push yourself as much as possible. Work on your interval training, which is when you sprint for a short time and then slow the pace to a jog and then repeat.

The benefit of a cardio program is that you don’t need a gym to complete it. You’ll be able to do it all for free around your local park or on a local rugby ground. The cardio sessions will help you to build up the stamina and also improve your recovery period between halves.

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