Rugby and Hamilton – poor results all round

Let’s not talk about what could have been. The try wasn’t given, we lost to South Africa. Lewis Hamilton’s car blew a gasket, he lost the F1 drivers’ championship.

No tears. No moaning. No what-ifs or if-onlys.

Professional sports people don’t live in the past, they always look to the future. England will have its day again. And Lewis will certainly be challenging for more titles in what promises to be a glittering career (not least because the ladies still love him).

On a winning note, then – how about those Red Sox? Back in the play-offs after an amazing win against the Cleveland Indians. Go Sox!!

Oh, who are we kidding? If only the ref had given the try! What if Hamilton’s appeal comes off? Can the footballers overcome the odds? AAAAGH!

(Image: from yngrich’s Flickr stream) 

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