Roy Keane’s secrets of job security

Here’s something to mull over – we’re halfway through the Premiership season and Sunderland are the only team in the bottom six clubs not to have changed managers. The others – Bolton, Birmingham, Wigan, Fulham and Derby – have all either wielded the axe freely or (in Birmingham’s case) seen a boss walk out.

So what’s Roy’s job security secret? We think there are a few.

First, he’s got a lot of goodwill left over for winning promotion from a seemingly hopeless position… but goodwill doesn’t last for ever.

Second, he’s not Mick McCarthy, who “led” Sunderland to relegation with the lowest points tally ever in a Premiership season – 15.

Third – well, would you sack him?

(Image: from draXus's flickr stream)

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