Roy Keane set to link up with the All Blacks

Sunderland boss Roy Keane is set to link up with the All Blacks in June. But don't worry the Sunderland manager isn't about to make a Clive Woodward sized fool of himself by swapping sports. Instead the Corkman will head to New Zealand to observe the All Blacks' preparations for their game against Ireland as part of his Pro Licence coaching qualification.

Pro Licence candidates have to spend time monitoring a professional sports team, and while most people choose to observe a top European football club, Keane has elected to study the Brazil of egg chasing, i.e. the All Blacks. The Sunderland boss has admitted that he is intrigued by the history of New Zealand rugby and especially the traditional Maori war dance the Haka.

"I've always been intrigued by watching the All Blacks and by their history and culture - if the Haka doesn't scare you nothing will. I will be plugging into their training and the Haka is part of that, I'm intrigued by the whole package, by their fantastic history. I've seen videos and documentaries about the All Blacks but you can't beat being over there yourself," Keane told The Guardian.

It's not clear if Keano will be taking part in the Haka, but if any Premiership manager could pull it off it would be him. The idea of David Moyes or Gareth Southgate giving the Haka a go is enough to make us lose our lunch.

Roy Keane and Vieira doing the Haka

The All Blacks doing the Haka

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