Rose blooms on European golf tour

Forget the mild controversy that surrounded the final event on the European golf tour – several key players not taking part because of other timetabling issues. Justin Rose won a three-hole play-off in style, having already taken the European Order of Merit. It was an astonishing end to an amazing season.

It’s been a long and tortuous road for Rose – the lad missed just about every cut for four years, after turning pro at the tender age of just 17. Now, though, he’s getting his just desserts.

To the uninitiated, golf looks relatively simple. There’s no one tackling you or putting you in a headlock à la football or rugby. The ball isn’t moving when you hit it, like in tennis or cricket. And your opponents are walking and not hurtling along at 200 mph – as in most types of motorsport. Yet it’s the game at which most average people are rubbish; a sport most professional sportspeople (certainly men) would give their eye-teeth to be good at. Why? Because it is one of the most infernally tricky things a human being can master. Period.

Our hats off to you, Justin. Well played.

(Image: from tony_the_bald_eagle's Flickr stream)

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