Rory McIlroy to play on the US PGA Tour

US Open Champion and all-round wonderkind of European golf Rory McIlroy has decided to ditch his golfing roots and join up with the US PGA Tour, no doubt to the chagrin of European tournament accountants.

Not only does the Northern Irishman want to play a 'full schedule' on the US PGA Tour, it also sound slike he wants to set up a long-term base over there, with his apparent preference Florida, a swamp of a state packed with theme parks.

'I feel as if I play my best golf over here,' he said. 'I am very comfortable in this country and I am going to look at a few houses in Florida after US PGA [Championship],' he said. 'I'm definitely looking at coming back and playing a full schedule here.

'I've thought about it and feel my game really suits playing courses over here. I love Quail Hollow, Memorial, Akron. You play Match Play, Honda, Doral, Masters – you have your favourite events and most of my favourite events seem to be on this side of the pond.'

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