Rory McIlroy to decide his fate at the last minute

Just when we thought that Rory McIlroy was an untouchable force, the Gods of fate conspired to pull him off his bandwagon and stamp on his arm: the Northern Irishman injured his right wrist during the first day's play at the US PGA Championship when he struck a tree root, and now he has to decide whether he'll be fit to play the rest of the tournament.

Despite the fact he injured himself on the third hole, and had to have his wrist strapped up, McIlroy still carded an even par 70, which goes to show just how well he's playing. He's currently seven shots behind leader Steve Stricker, so if he can shake off the worst of the injury he's definitely in contention for his second major of the year.

'It was just like a sharp pain up the forearm and there's a little bit of swelling just on the inside of my wrist,' McIlroy said. 'Then it was going up into my elbow and my shoulder. It's throbbing a bit and every time I went through a shot I was in a lot of pain.

'I thought maybe the tree root was a foot in front of the ball and thought if I could make contact with the ball and let the club go I could get away with it. In hindsight I would have been better to chip out sideways and still get a five. But it was a shot where I thought if I took it on and pulled it off it could have saved me a shot.

'The physio said it was my decision (whether to continue). It's the last major of the year and there's six or seven (eight, in fact) months to the Masters. There were a couple of times I thought about not continuing, but it's a very important tournament and I'm still in the hunt.'

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