Rooney to leave Manchester United?

Today news has broke all over the press that Wayne Rooney is unhappy at Manchester United and is searching for a move to another club in January. The internet has literally gone mad at this news, including the Guardian, who have pitched themselves up at a Unicef press conference at which Alex Ferguson is due to speak in the hope of getting some ready information on the situation.

If the rumours are true (and they are apparently ‘impeccably sourced’), then the place that he’s most likely to go is Real Madrid, in a swap deal for Karem Benzema. Sid Lowe, the broadsheet’s go to man on Spanish football, noticed something in something club president Florentino Perez about the current striker situation, and he failed to mention the French international.

‘Florentino Perez is a long-term admirer of Rooney, and was very struck by the media interest and financial value to the club of his previous British imports,’ said Lowe. ‘He knew David Beckham would generate that interest; he was surprised that Jonathan Woodgate and Michael Owen also had considerable impact.

‘However two days ago, Jose Mourinho insisted that Real Madrid wouldn't buy anyone in the transfer window. Now that was before the Rooney story broke. And I found it interesting that Jorge Valdano, Real's director general, said yesterday that: ‘We've two great strikers, Higuain and Cristiano ... but he didn't mention Karim Benzema’. I might be reading too much into this, but with Real Madrid it often pays to read between the lines.’

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