Rooney: I can fill the gap left by Ronaldo

Wayne Rooney has claimed that he can fill the gap left at Manchester United by the departure of both Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez this summer. The England striker told The Times that he believes he can improve his goalscoring record if given the opportunity to play as a central striker.

"We've lost two key players and obviously I hope we can get a few players in," Rooney told The Times. "Between them Cristiano and Carlos scored a lot of goals for us last season and the season before, but I would like to think I'm capable of filling that gap. I've said before that, if I can play in my right position, I'm capable of doing that."

In recent seasons Sir Alex Ferguson has deployed Rooney in a wider role sacrificing his attacking instincts for the sake of the team. The former Everton player, however, thinks that this has affected his goalscoring record in recent seasons and is looking forward to playing as a central striker again.

"I want to play in the position where I feel I'm best," Rooney said. "A lot of people think I'm best as a centre forward. To play in a Champions League final and to play week in, week out for Manchester United is a privilege and it's something I'm very lucky to be doing, but I don't think playing on the wing I can express myself as much as I like to."

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