Rooney: Capello has transformed England

England striker Wayne Rooney has said that Fabio Capello has transformed the England squad since he took over the manager's job.

According to Rooney, the Italian coach has made playing for England enjoyable again by helping the players to focus on football and to forget about the heavy burden of expectation from the media and the fans.

While Capello has a reputation as a strict disciplinarian, Rooney also said that the squad is in good spirits and full of confidence following the 4-1 win over Croatia last month. 'Everyone is laughing, ­smiling and looking forward to the games. I just feel Fabio's message is starting to get through', he told reporters.

Rooney also acknowledged England's failure to win crunch games in the past while underlining his optimism for the future: 'I don't know why but for three years we have probably not played as well as we wanted and not won as many games as we wanted. Something definitely was not right. Hopefully under Capello that will change.'

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