Ronaldo to Real Madrid rumours resurface

With England not qualifying for Euro 2008 there is gaping Blighty shaped hole in the back pages of the nation's newspapers. Sadly there are going to be no 'Can Stevie G and Lamps play in the same team?' stories, no WAGs and no inquisition style persecution of the ref who took charge of the game which saw the country's finest head to the Maldives on holidays two weeks early. But fear not because it looks as if the Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid rumours are going to keep us company all summer.

The tabloids and the broadsheets are creaming themselves over the news that Ronaldo hasn't 100% ruled out a summer move to the Spanish champions. That means an easy summer for all with Ronaldo to Real set to become 2008's version of the Rooney to United story.

It all kicked off last night when C-Ron was asked about a possible move to Real Madrid. "Let's see what happens after the Champions League final," the Portuguese international told the Spanish television network Antena 3. He also underlined the fact that he was happy at Old Trafford but would like one day to play in Spain.

"I'm happy but in the future I don't know. I know Real Madrid like how I play and I know that other teams in Spain like my game as well, so that's good. It is good to know that other clubs are interested in you. I have said millions of times that I would love to play in Spain."

And that ladies and gentlemen is that. Ronaldo hasn't confirmed or denied that he will leave or stay at Manchester United. On the other hand he hasn't denied that he is going to reject the capitalistic constrains of association football to embrace a pastoral existence in the foothills of the Andes.

Ronaldo v Cameraman

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