Ronaldo reignites Real Madrid rumours

Cristiano Ronaldo has reignited fears that he will leave Manchester United in the summer following the Premier League champions' defeat at the hands of Barcelona in Rome last night.

Sir Alex Ferguson admitted that Barcelona completely outplayed United on the night but was disappointed with the sloppy defending which led to both goals: "We were well beaten, the better team won and there's nothing we can do about it now. Our whole season has been built on our defensive strength but they were very shoddy goals.

But Ronaldo appeared to question Ferguson's tactics following the defeat: "We had 10 [good] minutes and then we never found ourselves again. The tactics were not good and everything went wrong."

C-Ron also refused to confirm that he would be a Manchester United player next season which now looks like it will lead to another summer of Ronaldo to Real Madrid rumours.

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