Ronaldo in transvestite prostitute scandal

Ronaldo (the fat, crocked Brazilian one) is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. On Saturday night, the part time AC Milan striker unknowingly picked up a couple of transvestite prostitutes in a Rio de Janeiro nightclub. But just like Stephen Rea in the Crying Game, Ronaldo was given a pleasant surprise back in his hotel room when he realised that his Sheenas were men.

It's not clear exactly at what point Ronaldo discovered that the ladies were actually of the meat and two veg variety. Having discovered that the girls didn't have guns in their pockets and that they were just pleased to see him, Ronaldo offered to pay them even though he didn't want to sample the merchandise.

But one of the transvestites is alleged to have asked for £15,000 to keep quiet about the incident and has claimed that Big Ron asked her for drugs. Since then the obligatory YouTube video has surfaced as well as photos of the transvestite prostitutes that Ronaldo picked up.

The three times World Player of the Year and double World Cup winner is currently recovering from a career threatening knee injury. If only it was his knee he had to worry about.

The obligatory video

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