Ronaldo: I am staying at Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo looks set to remain at Old Trafford next season after speaking to reporters yesterday about his love for Manchester United. The Portugal winger was rumoured to have signed an agreement with Real Madrid, but his latest statement would appear to have finally put that matter to bed.

"I am staying at Manchester United. Manchester United is my home. My heart is here. This is where I want to play. The boss believes in this team and so do I," Ronaldo said. "Ever since I joined United, he has been like a second father to me. People are still going to speak and make things up. But this is where I want to play. Manchester United is now my house."

Sir Alex Ferguson has been reluctant to talk about Ronaldo's future in the build up to next week's Champions League final in Rome: "All I can say is that he has given no indication that he wants to go. He's happy and relaxed and so am I. And there hasn't been a whisper of contact from Real."

Is that the end of the C-Ron to Madrid rumours? Hopefully.

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