Ronaldo branded a "malicious bigmouth" by Brazilian duo

Cristiano Ronaldo is unlikely to get many votes from Brazil in his bid to become FIFA World Player of the Year 2008 after being branded a "malicious bigmouth" by two of the Seleção.

The Manchester United winger came under heavy criticism following Portugal's 6-2 hammering by Brazil on Wednesday. Defender Tiago Silva accused Ronaldo of trying to break his leg in a tackle.

Silva told reporters after the game that: "He [Ronaldo] is a malicious guy and if I hadn’t jumped out of the way he would have broken my leg. He just lost it because we snuffed him totally out of the game."

Ronaldo cut a sorry figure during the match as his team were easily brushed aside by the attacking brilliance of Brazil. Real Madrid fullback Marcelo also heavily criticised the Portugal winger: "Ronaldo was out of order and a bigmouth. He elbowed me off the ball, then tried to have a shouting match about it."

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