Ronaldo begs for book sales

The other Special One – Man Utd’s Portuguese winger Ronaldo – says Roma players ‘begged’ him to stop dribbling when the Italians were 6-0 down in their Champions League drubbing at Old Trafford last year. In this complete non-news story, The Winking Winger goes on to reveal that other players ask him to play for their side during games. And, shock-horror, some players threaten his ‘physical integrity’.

One wonders how Little Ron would get on playing for his pub, sorry, bistro side on a Sunday on Hackney Marshes?

Turns out, his comments appear in his biography, Moments. Inspiring title, don’t you think? Get your copy now before all 500 of the print run are pulped.

If you want a proper sportsman’s autobiography to read, try Ian Botham’s Don’t Tell Kath.

Referring to Beefy’s wife, Kath, the title says it all…

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