Ronaldinho to sign for Spurs?

Is it April Fool’s Day already? It must be – we just read a piece in the Telegraph suggesting Juande Ramos is serious about signing Ronaldinho from Barcelona, if he leaves at the end of this season…

Is he being serious? If the player is shed by Barcelona – apparently they want shot of him because of his off-field antics – there must be many, many clubs he’s likely to sign for, before he even thinks about talking to Tottenham (a team which he’s probably never heard of). No disrespect to Spurs, but we don’t think this is a goer.

And Jose Antonio Reyes is a Newcastle target! He left Arsenal because London was too cold. The Geordies had better pray for a three-year heatwave if they want any chance of persuading him onto Tyneside.

(Image: from YouTube)

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