Rolling back the years

OK, so we were wrong. Steve Davis isn’t the hapless old codger we made him out to be, and is in fact still a snooker don, this year destined to win the World Championships for a seventh time. Right? Ok, maybe not, but he still put in one of the most impressive performances The Crucible has seen in years to beat John Higgins 13-11 and become the oldest man in 27 years to reach the quarter finals. It was bloody brilliant to watch too.

‘Obviously winning the event is massive but in terms of individual performances and pride of performance it's got to be so much up there,’ he said in the studio afterwards. ‘It's probably second only to beating Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final of the Masters (in 1997) when 8-4 behind, but to do it at the Crucible may make it maybe even a bit higher, especially against John, who is such a hard, hard player.

‘I always thought he was going to win the match - we've seen John pull it out of the fire so often I thought he was going to do it again. He didn't get going enough and kept giving me hope. I still thought he was going to get over the line, but somehow I dragged up some pots. It used up everything, I'm glad I've got a couple of days off.’

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