Robinho walks out on Man City

It’s been quite a week for Manchester City. First they were on the verge of pulling off the biggest transfer in world football history (Kaka from AC Milan for £100m, if you were in a coma) then as the deal looked good to go the Brazilian play maker decided to stay - and now Robinho has walked out on the team.

The sky blues were taking a mid-season break in Tenerife when the 24-year-old stormed out. Full reasons are unknown but it’s believed he went back to his native Brazil for a family emergency (i.e. Kaka???)

Man City’s executive chairman Garry Cook told the BBC: "I do know Robinho is not at the training centre in Tenerife. If he has left the training ground it is a breach of club discipline. I am waiting for a full debrief."

Not all bad though, Mark Hughes can still parade their mediocre Craig Bellamy signing to the Eastland masses at the weekend.

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