Robinho demands apology from Pele

Manchester City playmaker Robinho has demanded a formal apology from Pele after the footballing legend accused the 28-year-old of taking drugs. The story has hit the headlines back in Brazil with Robinho asking for the remarks to be withdrawn.

Failure to take back the remarks will result in a showdown in court according to Robinho's personal website: "A formal retraction from Pele will be requested, if what he said was not misinterpreted by the media that published it. And if Pele does not come forward, he will have to deal with his very unfortunate comment in court."

The statement continued: "Robinho is upset and disappointed at Pele, who seems to have forgotten the great idol he was. It appears Pele must be reading sensationalist media, to come up with such wrongful statement."

The Brazilian legend is reported to have accused Robinho of having a drug problem: "Maradona was a negative example. He was an excellent player and, unfortunately, look at what happened to him."

"Most journalists talk about drugs in football, but in truth there are very few cases of this. It isn't fair to talk about drugs in football just because of one or two cases, like with what happened with ... Robinho, who had this problem." See you in court it would seem.

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