Robinho arrives to training in a helicopter

Robinho has shown that he hasn't let his new salary of £120,000 a week go to his head by turning up to the Brazilian training camp in a helicopter.

But Robinho has said that he didn't do it to flash the cash: "I didn't want to arrive by helicopter because people will say that I’m getting carried away with success but there was no other way. Otherwise, I would have been late for training."

The 24-year-old playmaker joined Manchester City for £32.5million last Monday. But Brazilian legend, Pele, criticised Robinho for choosing Manchester City over Chelsea, suggesting that the former Real Madrid player "needs some serious counselling". The £32.5m man hit back at the criticism claiming that Manchester City have the potential to become one of Europe's biggest clubs.

"I wanted to go to Chelsea because they were the only ones who had made an offer," he told reporters. "But I'm going to a big club who are going to fight for titles. Manchester City are Chelsea four years ago." We'll have to wait until 2012 to see if the Brazilian will be made to eat his words.

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