Roberto Mancini unhappy with Manchester City board

Roberto Mancini has criticised the Manchester City board for not being decisive enough in the transfer market, saying that he is 'worried' because the players he feels he needs weren't signed earlier in the summer, before the the Premier League season started.

Mancini is particularly concerned about Sami Nasri not being signed, a player Arsene Wenger still considers his, who he wanted to be with the squad before City's game against Swansea on Monday night. Apparently this was also a problem last summer too.

'Last year was the same too,' he said. 'I don't understand this. I thought we could get all the players we needed three or four weeks ago. But here we are and the deals aren't closed.

'We need this player (Nasri). I asked for this player two months ago. I'm worried because I don't have this player today and I probably won't have him tomorrow. We play three games in August and I am worried.

'I haven't spoken with Garry or Brian, so I don't know the situation. I hope that we can get the players I asked for two months ago. Monday is the start of the season for us and we have not completed our team. I hope we can do this very quickly because we need other players.'

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