Risky business

Amir Khan has said that he's not going to change the risky, aggressive way he fights in the ring, despite the fact that his next opponent – Zab Judah – has fought the best in the world and is extremely hard to knock out.

The stakes are high for Khan: should he beat Judah, a wily and experienced 34-year-old, he will probably get the chance to take on Floyd Mayweather Jnr, possibly the best boxer in the world. However he knows just how hard his next fight will be, even if he comes out from the corner firing.

'He's been in some big, big fights and is very hard to knock out,' he said. 'Sometimes it's risky the way I fight, but that's what makes me special. People want to watch me because they know I take risks.

'When Judah fought Kostya he had a lot of heart, he used to get involved more. Now he's trickier, he's very experienced and knows what to do and what not to do in a fight. He still has the speed, still has the power and knows how to use them. Experience has made him trickier now.'

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