Ricky Ponting resigns as Australia captain

Ricky Ponting has announced that he is resigning from the Australia captaincy, after his side were knocked out by India in the quarter finals of the Cricket World Cup.

The 36-year-old batsman, who has presided over some stunning victories and equally humiliating defeats, is not universally popular in his home country, mostly because of losing three Ashes series and not winning a World Cup. However, Ponting says that he has no regrets, that he wants to carry on playing and that he was definitely not pushed by the Australian cricketing authorities.

‘I'll absolutely go on record here to say that I've had absolutely no tap on the shoulder,’ Ponting said. This is a decision that's been wholly and solely made by me and people close to me.

‘I am really excited about the next chapter in my career - I think I've got a lot to offer as a player and certainly as a leader for some of the younger players around, if and when required

I wanted to make sure that the person coming in had as much time as possible to get themselves prepared and get their focus on where they want the team to go.

‘It's funny how we talk about losing the Ashes series three times. Playing on three World Cup winning teams doesn't come up very often, winning 16 consecutive Test matches doesn't come up very much, winning 30-odd consecutive World Cup matches doesn't come up very often. I know within myself what I've achieved in the game and I'm very proud of it.’

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