Richards Keys and Andy Gray suspended by Sky

Richard Keys and Andy Gray have been dropped from tonight’s broadcast of Bolton Wanderers v Chelsea because of off-air sexist comments of theirs that were leaked.

The pair were caught saying that women were incapable of understanding the offside rule and remarked on Karen Brady’s complaints of sexism in football, dismissing them with a curt ‘Do me a favour, Love.’ They were due to be covering the match tonight, but light of the row, have decided to ‘suspend’ the pair. It seems more like they’ve told them to hide, as it doesn’t look like they’ve been fined or sanctioned in any other way.

‘Forget myself for a second, because what was said about me is a personal opinion and everyone is entitled to that,’ said Brady upon hearing what was said. ‘What really upsets me is the fact only females in our industry are judged by their gender. And that is categorically wrong.

‘I'm genuinely disappointed. It never would have occurred to me that they had those views, whether public or private. It almost makes it worse that they're speaking when the microphones are not on as opposed to when they are on, because (they have) never really had the brass neck to say it publicly, they would only say it privately. I have heard it and I don't believe it is just banter.’

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